Terms and Conditions 

Kailashrath Treks herein would be referred to as the company, customers/client would be referred to as participants and the trek/event would be referred to as programmes.

The terms and conditions are invariable for all the participants.


The pictures, videos and other media that have been put on the website are exclusively for official and marketing purposes only. It doesn’t guarantee that the pictorial, video or other media content will be part of the trek.

While we have made the best of our efforts to ensure the accuracy of our advertising material and essential information we cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies.

Necessary documents and medical release

The participants are required to produce Medical Certificate attested by an MBBS doctor certifying that the participant is fit for a Himalayan trek (High Altitude). Failure on producing the same will divest the participant from participating in the event. The Medical Release is available for download on the website.

A participant information form and a no objection certificate (NOC) is also required to be filled and acknowledge by the participant.

Age criteria 

Participants under the age of 14 years are minor participants and are required to be accompanied by a guardian.

Participants are required to be not less than 7 years of age for treks below 8000 (Low altitude treks) feet and not less than 12 years of age for treks above 8000 feet (Very High altitude treks)

About the programme

No change in the programme’s itinerary would be entertained, once the programme has commenced.

The company reserves the right to modify or cancel the programme, due an act of God or any unavoidable circumstance (Such as: heavy snowfall, cloud burst, road blockage, political unrest, etc.). If possible, the company shall update you of the change in itinerary at the earliest.

Some programmes take place in districts where we have less control over the quality of internal travel and accommodation arrangements, which may differ in quality and the level of comfort provided and may also differ from their description provided by us in good faith in our brochures, pamphlets, website and social media.

Adventure activity

Adventure activity is subjected to the weather conditions and is conducted as per the schedule.

The company is happy to help and provide information regarding the extra/optional adventure activity however the company will not participate or take responsibility in terms of booking or services rendered from the third party.

Safety measures and risk involved

When you make a booking with us you acknowledge that participation in all the company’s programmes involves inherent risks that may not be present in the case of conventional or less demanding vacation. These risks include, without limitation, the possibility of injury or death, psychological trauma, disease, loss or damage to property, inconvenience and discomfort.

If a participant decides by his own free will to leave the programme the company has no responsibility for the participant’s safety or any ensuing expenses.

The company is not responsible and answerable for any loss or damage to the participants luggage or any property belonging to them, even when carried by porters, ponies, vehicles, etc . That means your personal possessions and luggage are at your risk always. Please take care of your belongings while trekking.

In the event of emergency (Acute illness, major accidents, etc.) the company takes the responsibility of escorting the participant to the nearest hospital at the earliest, however the cost of emergency incurred would be the responsibility of the participant.

For your safety and protection we recommend you purchase travel insurance. Kailashrath Treks however covers personal accidental insurance for a maximum of one to two lacs.

Medical emergency

The safety and well-being of all the participants is always our prime concerns however all adventure activities like high altitude treks, peak climbs and mountaineering inherent risk to life and property. Kailashrath Trek’s team does its best to reduce all types of risks, accidents and mishaps.

All the hospital expenses, doctor fees, repatriation expenses, rescue/evacuation or any other charges incurred as a direct or indirect result of the participant’s illness / accident is the participants responsibility. The cost of emergency would be covered by the participant.

Privacy Policy

We value your privacy and appreciate your trust in us.

The company empathises and understands the importance of maintaining the participant’s privacy. To serve you with a smooth and a pleasant experience the company collects certain information which may or may not be personal in nature. The company reserves the right to use such information, pictures, videos and other media involving the participant/s taken during the programme for official and marketing purposes, without compensation and prior intimidation to the participants.

If you have any questions about this policy or other privacy concerns, you may reach us on our privacy helpline  +91-7757008998/+91-8600121925 you can also write to us at kailashrathtreks@gmail.com

Code of conduct

The participants are required to behave in a manner that is socially acceptable. Participants are required to honour the rules and regulations of the company.

Actions and behaviour that causes danger or distress to the other participants and loss of property would not be tolerated.

Failing to honour the code of conduct will lead to a full termination (non-refundable) from the programme followed by making good the damages made.

Authority of the leader

A leader is the supreme authority designated to lead a group of participants. Our leaders(Camp leader, trek leader, group leader, etc), have the responsibility and authority to make decisions affecting the well-being and safety of a group of participants and of each participant within the group; and that as a result they may require a participant to leave the group without any liability on the company’s part for resulting supplementary expenses and without making any refund. The basis for such a decision being made may incorporate, but not be restricted to, an opinion by the leader that:

  1. The participant’s health or life is at risk.
    2. An illegal activity has been committed.
    3. A participant’s behaviour has or is likely to be seriously inimical to the enjoyment of the trip by the group or harmful to its well-being or safety.

4.Breach of terms and condition / rules and regulation of the company

Booking and payment

The booking and payment options are available on the website.

An INR 1000/-is required to be paid/deposited to make your booking and the balance amount needs to be paid before the programme starts.

Booking the event with Kailashrath Treks, the participant acknowledges, unconditionally accept the terms and condition and the rules and regulations of the company. The final acceptance of any participant is subjected to the following:

  1. Acknowledgement and unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditions.
  2. Submissions and acknowledgement of the required forms and documents.
  3. Final payment of the respective programme.


Refunds and cancellations 


Information request regarding cancellation and change in itinerary of the programme should be mailed on kailashrathtreks@gmail.com. Failing which the cancelation process would not be initiated. Please note cancellation request would not be entertained over a phone call.

Cancellation charges are as under:

Before 10 days of the date of the programme – 2000 INR

Within 10 days of the programme – No refunds would be made.


All refunds regarding cancellation will be processed to the respective bank account. A processing charge of 2% would be applicable on all refunds.


No refunds would be made or entertained if the company cancels or modifies any programmes due to an act of God or any unavoidable circumstances.

No refunds would be provided in case of train / bus cancellation.

You may call on +91-7757008998/+91-8600121925 for updates regarding cancellations and refunds status.

Complaints and suggestions

We would love to hear from you. If you have a complaint about the manner in which we are organising the programme please feel free to speak to our respective trek/camp leader or the co-ordinator/representative.

If you still feel you haven’t received a reasonable solution to your problem, feel free to write to us at kailashrathtreks@gmail.com.


All the communications to the company regarding enquiry, booking and payment can be done on +91-7757008998 / +91-8600121925 or you can write to us at kailashrathtreks@gmail.com / query@kailashrath.com.


Updating of terms and conditions 

The company reserves the right to update and/or alter these terms and conditions, and it is the participant’s responsibility to be familiar with them. The latest updated terms and conditions can always be found on the company website www.kailashrath.com and will replace any previous versions.