BOOKING AND PAYMENT: The booking and payment options are available on the website. Once you book an event with Kailashrath Treks, that represents unconditional acceptance of our terms and conditions. The terms and conditions are same for all the members. As a matter of fact all adventure activities like High Altitude treks, peak climbs and mountaineering inherent risk to life and property. However, Kailashrath Treks team does its best to reduce all types of risks, accidents and mishaps.
DOCUMENTS ON MEDICAL FITNESS: All the participants will have to produce Medical Certificate signed by an MBBS doctor certifying that the person is fit for the trek. Failure on producing the certificate will deprive on from participating in the event. Participants will also have to fill a participant info and a NOC (No Objection Certificate) form.
PROMOTIONS: The pictures that have been put on the website are for marketing purposes. It doesn’t guarantee you that the pictorial content will be part of your trek because the landscape depends on weather and amount of snowfall that the place has received.
ITINERARY : The safety and well being of all the trekkers is always our prime concerns. In pursuance of this responsibility, we have the right to modify or cancel the program, under circumstance like heavy snowfall, cloud burst, road blockage, political unrest or any unavoidable circumstances that are not in our control. If possible, Kailashrath Treks shall intimate you of the change in itinerary at earliest. In addition to this there will not be any refund if one is dropping out of the event voluntarily/involuntarily for any unused services like transportation, accommodation, sightseeing, meals or any underutilized services.
COMMUNICATIONS : All communications from Kailashrath Treks team regarding inquiry, booking and payment can be done on +91-7807166769 / 9805155151. Any request regarding change in itinerary or cancellation of the event has to be mailed on and then should be informed on call also.
BEHAVIOR ON TREK: All the participants are required to behave in a manner that is acceptable to group travel. In case of any such situation, the trip will be terminated and no refund will be done for any unused services from that point of time. The final decision in this kind of scenario will be taken from the group leader. Behavior that causes danger to other participants, leading to loss of property or distress to other members will not be tolerated at all.
OPTIONAL/EXTRA ACTIVITY: In case if Kailashrath Treks is providing assistance for any extra activity, it will not take responsibility or claim either in terms of booking or service of the third party.
MEDICAL EMERGENCY: In the event, you fall ill or suffer a fatal accident during the trip, all hospital expenses, doctor fees, repatriation expenses, evacuation from road or mountain, any other charges incurred as a direct or indirect result of your illness / accident are your responsibility. In the event if someone is suffering an accident, Kailashrath Treks will take the responsibility of escorting the participant at an earliest to nearest hospital. Any other expense like hospital expenses, doctor fees, evacuation or any other cost that is as result of the accident will not be covered.